Build a Thriving Consultancy Practice That Works Without You

Is your #1 Goal To…

Attract More Premium Clients
Improve Practice Performance
Build your Business to Sell

Is your business dependent on you for survival?

Most owners of consultancy and technology service firms are stuck in the centre of their business. If they stop working, they stop earning.

Worse than that, when they think about retiring all they can hope for is that they may be able to sell their client base.

Most will shut up shop and walk away, hoping that their superannuation will fund them through retirement.
You might be working hard and earning good income now, but wouldn’t you rather be building a thriving practice you could sell at high value because it works independently of you?

Building a successful consultancy business is a big challenge.

Most owners of consultancy service firms are struggling in three areas:
  1. Trying to get a consistent and predictable flow of work from premium clients

  2. Differentiating from the competition in order to charge for the real value they provide

  3. Attracting and retaining high performing employees who work effectively and efficiently

Until these challenges are overcome, the chances of building a scalable or saleable practice are nil

You are left with a business that creates hard work and stress instead of prosperity and freedom.

If you are struggling to crack the code to achieving effective business performance and growth,

you’re in the right place.

Hi, I’m Greg Roworth.

I help business owners of management consultancy businesses build a thriving, professional practice that they could sell.

I’ve successfully started, grown and sold three consultancy businesses in the past 25 years and have cracked the code on how to build a business that was not dependent on me.

But it wasn’t always that way.

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Here’s What Some Of My Clients Say

Helene Higbee

Higbee-Schaffler Associates

We’ve had our best financial year ever. A significant increase over last year with actually fewer people, fewer senior people. I’ve got a much more engaged team. For the first time, I’ve got people who are really interested in where the business is going and has taken on board what we need to do as a team.

Shelley Thompson

Experience 360

I have a very clear direction now about where I am heading. It’s been a fantastic process. I’ve been able to redefine my process of attracting new clients. It’s a completely different mindset for me to be in and it’s really working well.

Damien Battersby

Proactive IT

In 12 months we’ve seen an almost doubling of our turnover and with that obviously profitability has gone up as well. We’ve got a completely new strategy in place for our clients and basically looking at becoming market leaders.

Liam Dunne

Choice Commercial Interiors

We’ve found the program very useful. It’s taken us from a position where we didn’t have a clear vision of where we wanted to go with the business. The business had grown to a certain extent, we were finding it a bit difficult to cope with it. It generated enthusiasm because it showed us a way through.

Murray Deans

Deans & Assoociates

We’ve grown the business a lot. The energy levels of every staff member has been fantastic. Nothing but re-energised, recommitted, focused. We’re going to grow the business by 30 to 40%.

Richard Milland

The CRM House

Not only am I getting more work, but the quality of the work is better – and i’m enjoying it a lot more as well. I would recommend the programme, without any doubt.

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