Build Your
Business to Sell

Do you fear that your business may not have much sale value, or perhaps not be saleable at all?

For many people in professional services, their business is highly dependent on them.

Some people don’t even consider their thought leader practice could ever be a saleable asset. Most of the IP is kept in their own heads or the heads of their people and they haven’t captured the value of the business in any realisable form.

If you’re open to considering the possibility that you could create a thriving practice that you could sell, I’d love to share my seven step process that has enabled me to start, grow and sell three professional practices in the past 20 years.

Learn about a reliable, proven system to build your business so you could sell it, or just live off the profits while it runs effectively and profitably without you.

I’ve discovered in my journey of successfully growing and selling three business advisory firms in the accountancy and business consulting fields in the past 25 years that most business owners build their businesses on a faulty foundation and they are inevitably set up to stagnate, increase pressure on the owner, and ultimately fail in delivering the dreams that they promised at the beginning.

There are many hidden traps for people wanting to grow a professional practice they could sell.

There are five typical mistakes that most people are making, that keep them stuck in the centre of their business and unable to grow its value on the market.

The trouble is, even if they ask for help, most consultants start in the wrong place and they end up wasting money doing things that don’t get the results they are ultimately looking for.

It’s not simply about creating systems and processes and expecting everything to fall into place. There’s a bit more to it than that, but starting there will take you in the wrong direction.

It was a hard learning for me too, as I made this expensive mistake more than once before I finally learnt the right approach.

I finally cracked the code to growing my practice successfully and building it so that it worked without me and could be sold.

I’ve written about my system in my book, Cracking The Code and I’m offering you a free copy.

If you’re ready to take up the challenge and finally build your business so that you could sell it at maximum value, start by learning about the typical mistakes that will prevent you making progress and learn the seven step system I’ve used in my own businesses and with my clients to build a business you could sell.

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Understand the biggest hurdle to breaking through to that next level

Discover the fatal flaw that will keep you working too hard for too little

Learn how to reignite that fire and passion you had when you started building your business

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