Your Business Growth Strategist

You are a consultant, coach, trainer or accountant whose main role is to provide professional advice and services to business owners and managers.
  • You are driven by a mission to provide maximum positive impact for your clients.

  • You aim to be their most trusted advisor providing high value and achieving exceptional results.

  • You have a vision for what your business could be and how you can use it to transform your part of the world. But its not quite working the way you want.

  • Too often, your clients just want you to give them service but resist your valuable advice. If your clients would let you, you know you have so much more to offer.

  • You have a team of professionals to assist you, but they sometimes seem to be more of a liability than an asset.

  • Your work days are filled with too much work that doesn’t inspire you and clients who often limit you, sometimes frustrate you.

  • Maybe, you suffer from workload cycles that go from feast to famine and you can’t be sure of consistent revenue and profitability.

  • Or your revenue has hit a plateau and no matter what you try, you can’t seem to break through the barrier your business has hit.

  • You need some help to transform your business from struggle and stress to real success.

Business Flightpath is your business growth strategist who helps you build your professional service firm into a thriving practice you could sell.

Your Business Is The Most Important Investment Of Your Life.

Nothing else can help you achieve your life purpose or enjoy life to the full like your own business…

And nothing else can make your life more miserable.

If your business is not fulfilling your wildest dreams it’s time to make some changes

Think about it… what would your life be like if your business worked for you, instead of you having to be the one that makes it work. Your business has the potential to provide you with prosperity and freedom… if you know how to create the leverage that makes it all possible.

There are no secrets to business success. So many people have achieved tremendous success in their businesses that we don’t have to guess what to do to emulate them.

Then why do so many business owners struggle?

How is it possible that around 95% of all businesses are totally dependent on the owners for survival?

Why is it that so many professional service firms don’t apply the same level of proficiency to their client acquisition processes that they do to their service and delivery systems?

How can it be that so many professionals deliver much less value and impact their clients at a fraction of what they are capable of?

It’s simple…

The owners who try to work it out themselves DON’T get the readily available, expert help that would make their path to success so much faster, easier and more enjoyable.
The result is, they spend their time trying to keep the business moving ahead, working harder than their employees and being stressed about the difficulties they face.

Business Flightpath helps you in three critical areas of your business

Initiating and building long lasting, high value relationships with premium clients
Developing your intellectual property into unique business models that differentiate you from your competitors.
Building the systems that empower your employees to be high performers
If you own or manage a business, don’t repeat all the mistakes other business owners have made.

Learn from the experience of the most successful.

Click around this site to find the answers to achieving your business dreams.

Take the time to dream your wildest dreams about how your business could be, then use the resources available here to make your business scaleable and saleable

Business Flightpath was founded by Greg Roworth

Greg is a successful entrepreneur, having started a business in the irrigation industry in 1978 and run it for 12 years, before selling it to enter the business advisory field.

Since selling that business, Greg has worked as a manager in the computer manufacturing and retailing industry, as a consultant for a Big 4 Accountancy firm and established and sold his own accountancy / bookkeeping practice. Greg decided to concentrate solely on helping small business owners to get better results from their businesses in 1995.

Greg is Australia’s #1 business growth strategist for professional service firms.

– Ari Galper
The World’s #1 Authority on Trust Based Selling and CEO of Trusted Authority and Unlock the Game

Over the past 25 years, Greg has built and sold three business consultancy practices firstly in South Australia and New Zealand, with reach into the USA, then building a successful multi-consultant practice in Melbourne from 2011 until selling in 2017.

Over these years, Greg developed a proprietary business development system which achieved major breakthroughs for every business owner who used the system, helping them to greatly increase profits and increase their personal freedom from their businesses.

These strategies have now been refined and distilled into the books, Cracking the Code and Run Your Business on Autopilot and are used in the new Business Flightpath programs.

Greg has now chosen to focus on supporting:
  • Consultants

  • Business coaches

  • Accountants

  • Professional service firms.

He helps them build thriving practices with premium clients who utilise the full range of services, run by self-empowered teams for the owners, so the business is saleable, or the owners can retire and live off the profits the business generates without their involvement.

To support Greg’s wealth of practical experience, he also has a Bachelor of Business degree, is a former qualified CPA/Chartered Accountant and has a Master of Business Administration.