Your Clients Don’t Care About Your Knowledge And Expertise

Posted by Greg Roworth on Jan 11, 2022

I see two approaches to marketing professional services that are commonly used.  The two approaches are different and come from opposite perspectives, but they are both wrong.

And I don’t mean that it is my opinion that they are wrong.

They are wrong because they don’t get results in terms of more and better clients.

And that’s what really matters.

The first approach, which is what the vast majority do, is to promote their services on their websites and with other marketing methods.  You may think that sounds like a logical approach and while it is typical, it fails to attract clients because they don’t want your services.  That’s generally not what they’re looking for.

What I see a growing number of people doing, rather than just promoting their services, is that they are trying demonstrate their knowledge and expertise first, by writing blog posts or posting on LinkedIn and Facebook or other social media.  You write good articles that give valuable tips and advice.  And you hope that by giving value, people will respect your advice and want to work with you. 

But this approach is still wrong.

If you are doing this, please check your results and see how little engagement you are getting and note how few new leads you are getting from that.  Unless you are already a guru and well known in your market, your handful of comments and a sprinkling of likes on your posts aren’t going to pay the bills, or get you enough new work to get you where you want to go.

Stop giving advice.  There is so much free advice on the internet that you are just adding to the noise.  People don’t care about what you know!

Remember the clever quip, people don’t care how much you know until they know how much your care?

So why are you trying to show people how much you know with your posts and your advice.  It’s falling on deaf ears.

What I care dearly about is that there are so many people like you, who are great at what they do and who have a genuine desire to make a positive impact on the lives of their clients and by extension on the world, who don’t get the chance to reach their full potential to do that because their true passion isn’t being heard.

You are genuinely wanting to save people from the pain of their current situation.  I know that your own success and the money, wealth and freedom that you desire from doing that is really secondary to your desire to make are larger impact.  And I’m deeply dismayed that you can’t achieve that because people don’t really know what you can do, despite how hard you’ve tried to get your message across.

You’ve been led astray by the marketers and their followers who are stumbling around in the dark trying to find more effective tactics to distribute marketing messages, but they fall on deaf ears.  You put in so much hard work to get your message out that it kills me that you don’t get the results you deserve.

But it’s not about getting better at marketing. 

It’s about getting better at caring.

How distressed are you that your market is suffering and not getting the help they need?

How focused are you on making sure that the people who are hurting are getting the right solution?

I can sense some of you responding to this by feeling you’re not great at marketing and you really don’t like selling, so you are hesitant and hold back.  Others don’t want to big note yourselves and are happy to be the quiet achievers.

That was me until I saw the light.  I’ve spent so many years investing in marketing programs and reading books to try to improve my skills.

But when I realised I was barking up the wrong tree all that time everything started to change.

When I shifted my focus from my success, to how much my market needed my help, the reality hit me.

My focus on my own success and capabilities was all vanity.

I needed not to care more about how I was doing, but to care more about how and how many I was helping.  I needed to care more about the clients who needed my help than I did about what I got out of it.

When I started to care more about my clients, and they started to notice how much I cared, it was incredibly attractive and they started to trust what I was saying and trusted me to help them.  And yes, the money and my personal success followed.

So my advice. 😊

Stop trying to show off your expertise, because when you give advice and all the useful tips, and trying to display your knowledge, you are omitting to show how much you care.

Focus more on what it means to your customers to get the results they need from you.

How much effort would you put into trying to save someone if you knew their house was on fire and they had to get out? Would you be hesitant because you are shy or would you hold back because you don’t wan to be a hero?

No.  I’m sure you would do whatever you could and whatever it took to get your message across, because you care.

That’s the attitude you need to bring to your marketing.  How much do you care?  What do you need to do to make sure you get your message across?  It’s not about showing them what you know, it’s about showing them how much you care.

I care so much about you making the impact that your market needs.  If you feel you need help with that, here’s where you can learn more about whether we should talk:

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