The Marketing System That Compels Your Clients To Demand Your Services At Premium Prices

Posted by Greg Roworth on Oct 18, 2022

According to numerous research reports, the challenge of finding and attracting premium clients consistently and predictably is the biggest challenge faced by most (85% or so) owners of professional service firms.  Perhaps you are one of those.  It certainly was for me too, before I managed to break through and discover the method that I will reveal in this article. 

My wish is that you too will be able to enjoy ideal clients coming to you, already having selected you as their only choice to solve their problem, willing to pay whatever you ask, because they see you as the authority in your field.

Before I discovered this method, I tried a lot of things and I wasted a lot of time and money on marketing efforts that didn’t work. 

I was frustrated that I couldn’t find a reliable way to acquire new clients consistently or predictably.  I almost gave up trying to find clients through marketing because I wasted so much money that it was just like gambling. I took on a number of marketing consultants to help me with building websites using social media, writing books, using paid internet advertising, you name it.

None of it worked!!

It was incredibly frustrating!

I kept wanting the trickle of leads to turn into the deluge I was promised.  Even when we did get new leads, the majority of them were totally wrong for us.

So, I was stuck with relying on referrals, which were totally out of my control, and going to networking meetings and having to go out at night when I would have preferred to have been enjoying time at home with my family.

I really hoped I could find a better way, so I kept at it.

You may not have realized this yet, but if you’re hoping to grow your business and consistently acquire better clients through more networking or using typical internet marketing or social media tactics, the game has been rigged against you.

I want to let you know one of the most important discoveries I made along the way that may also help you.

I was very sceptical at first….

A few years ago. when I was still struggling to get enough clients to keep my team busy consistently, I was talking to a consultant I had just met who worked in an office just a few doors down from me.

He was a few years older than me and quite successful. He told me that he didn’t advertise his services in the usual way, and he didn’t need to do networking. He just promoted his booklet and newsletters and because of that, he had people coming to him to ask if he could help them.

Because getting enough quality clients was a challenge for me, I listened with an open mind.

But I couldn’t see how this would work. I mean, we’ve all downloaded people’s “free reports” and whitepapers and never got around to reading them. How could that work?

But then I heard about this guy, Rich Schefren, who wrote a free report – he called it a manifesto – that was downloaded over a million times and he made several million dollars from the program he used the report to sell.

That made me pay attention.

So, I downloaded the report myself to see what was different about it.

I read the whole thing straight through. It was only something like 37 pages. But it wouldn’t have mattered if it was three times as long. I couldn’t put it down. I was as enthralled as I am when I read a Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child.

This wasn’t some gripping story that entertained me. This was a description of my life. It talked about the struggles I was having and how they affected me. I felt like he understood me and helped me understand myself and my situation better than I had before. At the end of the report he mentioned a new program that he was working on and that there would be more information coming out soon about that.

I couldn’t wait to get the next instalment. The same thing happened. I was totally hooked and wanted to know more. Then there was a final instalment. I was gripped again by the content.

Then he offered a solution that made total sense. I ended up buying the program.

What just happened?

I didn’t download that ebook to buy anything. I just wanted to find out what all the noise was about.

But I ended up being compelled to get out my credit card and buy the program. I never expected that to happen.

After a few days, I wanted to know what caused me to do that. I’d never been so compelled before, to buy something like that. This was very different.

After doing more research and working out what happened, I discovered the secret that has underpinned my success in marketing since then.

Let me tell you how I made that discovery…..

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