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My passion is to help business owners to break free of the constraints that keep them having to work too many hours for not enough reward. After all, I used to be one of them.

But now, I get the chance to help people break the barriers like I did, to create million dollar businesses that run on autopilot

I've been able to influence thousands of business owners through my books and articles as well as my consulting work, and I would love you to read some of the works that are relevant to you. Check out the links on this site to get access.

Run Your Business On Autopilot

How To Leverage Your Business For Maximum Profit In Minimum Time.

I love what Rob Hill, from Australind Vet Hospital in Perth said about it.

Greg... I read your book on the plane back to Perth. Your book is awesome. It opened my eyes to my personal struggles with my own business. Awesome book. One of the best I have read specifically about the challenges of a small business operator. It really is good. Well done.

- Rob Hill

Cracking the Code

For Owners of Professional Service Firms with a Team of 5 - 20 Whose Turnover Has Plateaued

The book reveals the 7-step system to break free from being stuck in the center of your business to growing your business at the strategic level.

Garry Prigg, the #1 Unoversal Transformational Life Strategist and director of Who I am Dynamics and International Consultants to Business loves to tell people about Cracking the Code,

This book is the best book on small business I have ever read. Greg Roworth not only provides insight into the struggles of professional service firms and their owners, but shows a deep understanding of the psychology behind those struggles and what holds these business owners back. But beyond that, he details a practical, step-by-step pathway that anyone should follow to break free of the limitations and create a successful business that runs on autopilot.

- Garry Prigg