What Are The Limits To Your Business Growth?

Posted by Greg Roworth on Jan 20, 2020

Can you imagine your business being mentioned in the same context as Microsoft, Dell, McDonald’s, Nike, Domino’s, Starbucks, Virgin, or The Body Shop?

Why not?

All of these icons of business success began as a small owner operated business just like yours. 

The question is – what happened to take these businesses out of the realm of the ordinary to the pinnacle of business success? 

Most of us probably don’t really believe we could ever be that successful.  But we do think that maybe, just maybe, our business can help us achieve a level of success that provides us with an income and lifestyle that enables us to be financially independent and allows us to spend our time doing the things we have always dreamed of doing.  Sadly, as we have discovered, most people who go into business for themselves end up disappointed, never reaching, or even coming close, to achieving that goal?

That’s tragic! 

If you always see things as they are now, you will never have anything more than your current reality.  For you to transform your business from lumbering to supersonic, you first need to see a new reality.  You need to see what may be rather than what is

I want you to see what the founders of these supersonic businesses that are now household names around the world saw and ask yourself, “Why not?”

Why not me?  

Why not my business?

Keep asking yourself those questions.  Most of us never believe we can do it.  We think the remarkable success that others have created in their business is outside of the range of our capabilities.  We believe it takes something special that we don’t possess.  We think we don’t have a unique product or a unique ability that made it possible for Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Tom Monaghan, Richard Branson, Anita Roddick or any of the others that we can name from that group. 

Don’t believe that lie!  The limits are all in your mind.

What I want you to see is that these people did not have any unique advantage.  They did not have huge amounts of start up capital.  They did not have a huge team of creative people supporting them.  They did not have any special character, ability or personality that you or I don’t or can’t have.  They often had to overcome difficulties and setbacks just the same as you.  But despite the sameness of these people, they took their business past all of the barriers that stop average business owners in their tracks.  They found a way to unlock their reality and break free of the self imposed restraints that stop most businesses from ever reaching the pinnacle of success.  They opened their minds and found the way to make their businesses soar to extreme heights.

The only limits are what you place on yourself.  The reality is – there are no limits.  The reason I have written this is that many business owners settle for far less than their full potential because they lack the belief they can break through the barriers that currently confine their business.  They believe the false advice of the pessimists who give their uninformed opinion liberally, or they believe their own self doubt.  They fail to take the next step to open the door to the freedom and prosperity that is there for the taking. 

I want you to believe that for you and your business, the future is unlimited.  There is no barrier you cannot break through. 

If you’d like to know more about how to crack the code to real business success, get a copy of my book, Cracking the Code at http://crackingthecodebook.com.au.

(c) Greg Roworth

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